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ONLINE EVENT - Event is FREE to attend - Requires no registration
Call for participation is open: submit your proposal of talks via the Contribute page.  
Event in the form of a Zoom call and streamed live on our Facebook page.  
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Event: Commodore Users Europe - 12th of March 2022

Event start date: 12/03/2022 @ 19.30 CET
Event end date:12/03/2022 @ 21.05 CET

Chair: Sebastian Eggermont
Facebook Live recording:


TimeTopicSpeakerLinkRecorded session
19.30 : 19.35Welcome & intro C= Users EUC= Users EU Chair
19.35 : 19.55Python cbm bbs petsciiJavier Albarracin Valdivia Record
19.55 : 20.10Z64K - a Java based CBM64/128 emulatorWilliam McCabe Record
20.10 : 20.25chiCLI - a command line interface for CBM64/128 Chiron Bramberger Record
20.25 : 20.40The Orange Cartridge Marcus Comstedt Record
20.40 : 21.00Tristam IslandHugo Labrande Record
21.00 : 21.05Wrap up & next meeting announcementC= Users EU Chair



Commodore Users Europe brings together the community of Commodore computers users in Europe and beyond - we welcome topics covering all Commodore series, as well as new hardware - being genuine or emulated, and proprietary or free & open source software.
PET series; VIC series; C64/C128 aka CBM64/CBM126; SX64; Educator64; HHC-4; C16; C116; C=Plus/4; Commodore LCD; PC-5; PC-10; PC-20; PC-X0; Amiga; C65; Mega65; TheC64; TheVIC20; MINIPET 40/80.

Contact us via our FaceBook page; using the form (see page > Contribute < ) or by phone: + 32 486 275 499.
Find us on FaceBook  Commodore Users Europe YouTube Channel