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ONLINE EVENT - Event is FREE to attend - Requires no registration
Call for participation is open: submit your proposal of talks via the Contribute page.  
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The aim of is to bring together the community of Commodore computers users in Europe and beyond, and have us meet and share on a regular base.

Commodore users are invited to contribute by presenting their work in areas such as new software and programming (i.e. libraries), former and new OSes, genuine and modern hardware, emulators, art i.e.: petscii or sprites, book reviews etc. We do also accept presentations from hardware/software vendors/editors, also from writers presenting their books or magazine editors.
Presentations and/or links to the material used is then archived on this website.

WHAT we do: virtual and/or presencial events

WHEN: several times a Year, expected once per quarter, depending on availability of contributors

HOW: due to the current (writing of this page is November 2020) Covid-19 pandemic, we intend for the moment to host only virtual meetings, but hope that by mid 2021 we can get back to the original idea of having events in a different EU location every time, and mixing presencial & virtual event.




Commodore Users Europe brings together the community of Commodore computers users in Europe and beyond - we welcome topics covering all Commodore series, as well as new hardware - being genuine or emulated, and proprietary or free & open source software.
PET series; VIC series; C64/C128 aka CBM64/CBM126; SX64; Educator64; HHC-4; C16; C116; C=Plus/4; Commodore LCD; PC-5; PC-10; PC-20; PC-X0; Amiga; C65; Mega65; TheC64; TheVIC20; MINIPET 40/80.

Contact us via our FaceBook page; using the form (see page > Contribute < ) or by phone: + 32 486 275 499.
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